Composting Toilets

Our composting toilets offer an eco, off grid solution that does not require water, plumbing or electricity.

  • Ideal for any location, campsites, equine facilities, allotments, festivals etc.
  • Planning permission is not required.
  • Features a dry waste separation separation system.
  • Chemical free.

Our composting toilets are built using plywood, shiplap or weatherboard and feature skids so are completely movable.

Liquid and solid waste is separated using a simple liquid run off to the front and solid waste collection to the rear. Both boys and girls need to sit!

Liquid waste is then collected in a 5 litre container which can be disposed of on the compost heap or we can supply a pipe run off which will then need a small soakaway. The solid waste is collected in a 25 litre container, after each use the solids must be covered with a scoop of shavings to stop any smell and keep it dry. When this is full you can then empty onto the compost heap. Simple!

Prices start from £1200+vat for our plywood option

Delivery starts from £70 on a standard pallet delivery charge.

  • Quick installation
  • Eco friendly – Chemical free
  • No plumbing needed
  • NO planning permission required